Representatıve Servıces

“MCA Engineering Industry and Foreign Trade Co. Ltd.”, in addition to other services, acts as a representative of international foreign companies, which have proven their success and quality in their sectors, offers need-based customized technologic and economic solutions. Beyond supplying the products of the represented companies, “MCA”, with its dynamic staff having a high level of engineering and sector experience, plays an active role in development of special solutions required by the sector.

Besides, our company, by establishing solution partnerships with many domestic and foreign machinery and plant producers branded in their sectors, creates customer needs-oriented solutions.


Manual, Semi-Automatic And Full Automatic Drum, IBC, Liquid Filling Machines And Lines

AiCROV is the most innovative and dynamic company in the design and manufacture of liquid filling systems in large format containers. From 1lt to 1,500lt containers and reaching productivities of up to 1,000 containers per hour and with an accuracy of up to 5 gr. Our AiCROV liquid filling systems guarantees maximum productivity in the process and improves the safety of employees, offering also a high added value of our after-sales technical service. All this is due to the business model of AiCROV and the introduction of the innovative Smart Filling concept, which incorporates the latest technologies available in the market in each and every one of its projects, to achieve a unique and differential technological proposal for each client. The use of state-of-art software and the most advanced manufacturing means makes possible, the most innovative designs on the market with the maximum productivity and safety. Our customers are at the center of all our efforts and we never compromise security for productivity.


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