Fıre Extınguısher Productıon and Fıllıng Plants

Turnkey Solutıons for Low Pressure Fıre Extınguısher

“MCA” is engaged in the project design, manufacturing and installation of turnkey plants for production of below listed portable and trolley type low-pressure fire extinguishers according to all relevant international standards, particularly EN VE BS.


•Dry Powder
•Clean Agent
•Wet Chemical

Turnkey Solutions for Fire Extinguisher Production Plants

Turnkey Solutıons for Hıgh Pressure Fıre Extınguısher and Fıre Hose Reel Cabınet

“MCA Engineering Industry and Foreign Trade Co. Ltd.” also provides turnkey solutions for high-pressure CO2 fire extinguisher production and fire hose reel cabinets by high-quality designing, producing, and commissioning services.

Integration of fire hose reel cabinet production into in low-pressure fire extinguisher plant solutions provide companies more efficiency and production varieties.


Low Pressure Fıre Extınguısher Body Productıon Lıne

The round blanks are cut by the rotary shear from the steel coil to the required dimensions automatically. If requested, plates can be prepared from plate raw material by guillotine shear as well. The blanks are loaded manually or automatically to specific hydraulic deep drawing presses to be formed as upper and lower halves of fire extinguishers. Then deep-drawn parts are trimmed and joggled on trimming and joggling machine before welding to have matching upper and lower pieces when assembled together.

Low Pressure Fıre Extınguısher Weldıng & Hydrostatıc Testıng Lıne

The neck ring is welded onto the upper cylinder piece by automatic MIG/MAG welding machines. After that the upper and lower halves are welded together by automatic MIG/MAG circumferential welding machines. Three pieces fire extinguishers are welded by automatic MIG/MAG longitudinal and circumferential welding machines. All welded fire extinguishers are hydrostatic tested under 25 bars to visual check of the forming and welding defects.

Low Pressure Fıre Extınguısher Paıntıng & Internal Coatıng & Fıllıng & Fınıshıng Lıne

Fire extinguishers & fire hose cabinets which are conveyed on the overhead conveyor are degreased automatically in degreasing chamber & painted automatically by electrostatic powder painting method by the spray guns and cured in the box type paint curing oven. The internal coating is applied to water-foam type fire extinguishers for lining fire extinguishers with EN or BS standards approved corrosion resistant thermoplastic coating powders or epoxy paints.

The filling of powder or foam is achieved by the automatic filling line with high accuracy weight tolerances automatically and after that trigger mounting, pressurizing with gas, testing of leakage, and serigraphy printing processes are performed in continuous line successively.

Hıgh Pressure Fıre Extınguısher Productıon and Fıllıng Plants

CO2 fire extinguisher cylinders are manufactured out of seamless pipes in accordance with international standard EN 9809-1 or EN 1964-1 and EN 3-9. The seamless steel pipes are cut to the required lengths by the pipe saw and loaded onto a hot spinning machine for bottom and neck forming operations. The cylinder base can be formed to concave shape just after bottom closing operation in hot conditions.

Hot forming and heat treatment processes are followed by machining operations, surface preparation (internal- external shot blasting) & paintingoperations and various types of testing procedures like Brinel hardness measuring, ultrasonic test, hydrostatictest, etc.) according to required cylinders standards.

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