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MCA Engineering Industry & Foreign Trade Co. Ltd.

Having served in management positions in important machinery projects for more than 30 years, “MCA” team offers comprehensive services regarding complete processes of turnkey production plant projects in many sectors,

“MCA Engineering Industry & Foreign Trade Co. Ltd.”, by following the latest technologies, gives service in order to supply the needs of several sectors both locally and abroad, such as engineering, machinery, tooling and turnkey plant projects, with its dynamic staff experienced in engineering and international industry for almost 30 years. By also following the emerging technologies in all stages of projects, such as design, production, quality control, commissioning and after-sales, MCA performs the most comprehensive work in order to achieve the target of finding reliable, functional and economic solutions for its customers. “MCA Engineering Industry and Foreign Trade Co. Ltd.”, which designs and produces machines, production lines and plants especially for the metal forming sector, by establishing solution partnerships with many branded domestic and foreign machinery and plant manufacturers, creates customer needs-oriented solutions.